Maya Angelou - REFLECTIONS OF A BLESSED SOUL is a beautiful award-winning documentary film based on an exclusive and intimate interview with one of the greatest Artists/Poets/Activists/Teachers and Humanitarians of our time, Dr. Maya Angelou, at her home in Winston Salem, North Carolina. Maya shares insights and stories of her rich and colorful life, which has spanned nearly a Century and includes many of the most dynamic people in the world.


A PILLAR OF SALT - A PILLAR OF SALT - The Bitter Woman Syndrome, a powerful multi award-winning film, examines the Root Causes of Anger and Bitterness and the Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Effects…Sexism, Racism and the Misinterpretation of Religious Texts to justify inhumane deeds. Through the many interviews with diversified women, women will hear echoes of their own pain, shame and humiliation and begin to understand that they are not alone…and they are not to blame. Men will come to understand why.


THE PRESUMPTION OF GUILT  - Race, Class, and Crime in America uses the camera lens to highlight the complex issue of Race, Class, and Crime in American society and to shine the light on that dreaded subject that we have failed to confront. America can no longer afford to ignore the issue of racism. This moving multi award-winning film allows the audience to witness the painful truth about Race and Racism in America.


DARFUR TOO DARK TOO FAR addresses the inhumane circumstances of Darfur, as well as the all too many genocides throughout history…African Transatlantic Slave Trade, Native American, Armenian, Nazi Germany Holocaust, Cambodian, Bosnian, Rwandan. This multi award-winning documentary connects the dots leading to the root causes of genocide… Slavery, Racism, and Oppression in the Name of Religion.